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  • What is Wicue's Stepless Dimming LC Films for Automotive Windows?
    Wicue has revolutionized sun protection and light transmission in automotive glass with our innovative light-changing solution. Our cutting-edge LC films can independently adjust the transmission rate based on external light, providing stepless dimming, low haze, and superior heat insulation and light shading. Our groundbreaking product not only provides complete protection against sunlight exposure in the summer but also reduces energy consumption by air conditioning, making it the ideal solution for automotive glass.
  • How fast is the response time and how long does it take to dimmable?
    Wicue's response speed is <0.1s (100ms), millisecond response, so you can operate and control as you like.
  • Does it meet the requirements of vehicle regulations? How reliable is the product?
    The product is stable and reliable, with a product life of more than 50,000 hours, which meets the requirements of vehicle use.
  • How is the sun protection effect? Does it meet environmental requirements?
    It has UV/IR resistance function, which can effectively protect the skin, eyes, and items, and can also adjust the temperature inside the vehicle.
  • How is the clarity, does it affect the driving experience?
    When in transparent state, it has almost no haze, which is great for travel and sightseeing.
  • How is the privacy protection?
    The minimum transmittance can be less than 0.5%, effectively blocking light and preventing outside from peeping.
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