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Service Policy
Service Policy
  • Instant Dimming Sunglasses
    Instant Dimming Sunglasses
    Hardware failures of this product caused by product quality problems are covered by the warranty. Within the warranty period, it shall be guaranteed. This warranty regulation is applicable to Wicue sunglasses series products. The above product series are subject to "replacement within 7 days" and "one-year warranty".
  • Dust-free Blackboard
    Dust-free Blackboard
    The warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase, and we promise to provide lifelong free technical support services for our products. We will provide you with remote video, telephone support, electronic file installation instructions and installation video operation instructions; According to the different purchase channels of customers, door-to-door installation services can also be provided. For specific details, please contact the after-sales team of Wicue or its partners. After-sales mailbox: bksupport@wicue.com.cn After-sales telephone/WeChat: 189 2849 7290
  • E-writing boards
    E-writing boards
    Since the date of purchase, the warranty period is one year for non-human damage. The maintenance fee will be charged for more than one year.
  • Regular training
    Regular training
    Circular sales training to help your business.
    Project training support, authorized channel sales.
  • After-sale service
    After-sale service
    Complete after-sales service system and return policy,
    timely response to technical support.
  •  Marketing promotion
    Marketing promotion
    Continuous brand exposure and diversified marketing promotion online and offline, with diverse marketing tools and materials.
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