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Crystal Clear Switching (CCS) Technology
Crystal Clear Switching (CCS) Technology
Tuning Ideal Light
Crystal Clear Switching (CCS) Technology
Wicue CCS is a breakthrough technology in flexible liquid-crystal(LC) film area, independently developed by Wicue in 2015. This technology significantly surpassed traditional solutions in every aspect.

Products with Wicue CCS technology support ultra low haze, wide-range, stepless, and 0.1s instant transmittance change, combining with superior performance of UV/IR blocking, excellent heat insulation and shading.

With all the innovative features of Wicue CCS, Wicue’s LC film has been applied in various applications including automotive, architecture and eyewear industry.
  • Technological Advantages
  • Application Advantages
  • Wide Range Dimming
    Wide Range Dimming
    Transmittance rate down to 0.5%,
    or up to 70%
  • Stepless Dimming
    Stepless Dimming
    Provides the comfort experience
  • Low Haze
    Low Haze
    Achieving clear dimming
    at any grey level
  • IR and UV Cutting
    IR and UV Cutting
    IR cutting rate ≥ 90%;
    UV cutting rate ≥ 99.9%
  • Millisecond-level Instant Response
    Millisecond-level Instant Response
    Responding less than 100 millisecond
  • Flexibility
    Wicue flexible films can be
    attached to 2D and 3D curved glass
  • A Variety of Colors
    A Variety of Colors
    Various color finishes;
    based on neutral grey and black without effect on the original color
  • Lower Cost
    Lower Cost
    Only 10%~20% of the costs of other major dimming technologies in the market
  • Low Energy Consumption
    Low Energy Consumption
    Lower than 25V AC, 2W/㎡
  • Laminated on the Outside of the Glass
    Laminated on the Outside of the Glass
    Resistant to moisture and oxygen as opposed to EC and SPD technologies
0.1s instant dimming
Based on Wicue's 2015 first liquid crystal film stepless dimming technology
Autonomous dimming, easy to control
  • Wicue CCS technical principle
    Wicue CCS technology adjusts the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules to control the transmittance.

    By varying the voltage, a seamless shift occurs between various levels of brightness. When unpowered, the liquid crystal defaults to bright state, or dark state.
    Wicue CCS technical principle
  • Leading the Pack
    Wicue CCS incorporates cutting-edge technology by embedding dye molecules within liquid crystals.

    When subjected to an electric field, the dye molecules align with the liquid crystal molecules,altering their orientation and enabling seamless adjustment of transmittance.

    This distinctive technology provides our products with considerable advantages over those utilizing PDLC, EC, and SPD technologies.
    Leading the Pack
  • Advantages of Wicue CCS
    Wicue CCS offers a wide dimming range from 0.5% to 70% with a fast millisecond response time.

    In most cases, the liquid crystal film uses neutral gray and black as the color, and the film is compatible for flexible surfaces, which can be well adapted to most application scenarios.

    In terms of cost, the cost of Wicue CCS film is 80%-90% lower than traditional solutions, plus a better energy-saving performance.
    Advantages of Wicue CCS
  • Applications of Wicue CCS
    Wicue CCS provides a wide range of applications for various industries, including instant dimming eyewear, LCD dust-free blackboards, automotive dimming sunroof & mirrors, and large to giant size building facade smart shading films.

    Wicue CCS provides affordable, efficient and versatile dimming solutions.
    Applications of Wicue CCS
  • Wicue CCS in Building Facades
    Leveraging Wicue CCS technology, Wicue's smart liquid crystal film provides a flexible, energy-efficient solution for modern architectural glass.

    It offers seamless dimming transitions, UV protection, privacy, and reduced energy usage, making it an essential choice for sustainable urban living.
  • Wicue CCS in Automotive Sunroof
    Wicue CCS automotive solutions revolutionise the automotive glass experience with seamless dimming, comfortable colours and fast response.

    When switched off, the LCD film is neutral black, ensuring privacy.

    This product will advance the smart auto glass industry.
  • Wicue CCS in Eyewear
    With Wicue CCS technology, we have delivered the stepless dimming sunglasses that offer real-time darkness change with swift 0.1sec response time, UV and glare protection.

    Wicue CCS presents geeky and stylish solutions, setting a new standard in modern lifestyle accessories.
  • Wicue's Global Footprint
    Wicue's global network provides us a major competitive advantage in supply chain.

    The Shenzhen headquarters centrally manages R&D, production and sales. The Zhejiang base is one of the best large-scale liquid crystal film production lines in China. The Zhuhai and Kaohsiung factories focus on R&D and production. Tokyo, North America and Germany are the main marketing centers around the world.

    This extensive network ensures that Wicue delivers exceptional products and service worldwide.
    Wicue's Global Footprint
  • Our Patent Portfolio
    Since 2014, Wicue has achieved fruitful research and development.

    Wicue has obtained more than 100 core patents around the world, and more than 50 well-known awards.

    This has not only reflected Wicue's innovative strength, but also confirmed Wicue's leading position and wide recognition in the industry.
    Our Patent Portfolio
  • Advanced Production Lines
    Wicue's production lines implement mechanized, intelligent, and automated manufacturing.

    Advanced robotics are utilized to ensure efficient production, enhanced precision, and superior product quality.

    This technology-driven manufacturing approach not only boosts our production efficiency, but also helps us to fulfill large-scale market demands, while assuring precision and quality.
  • Wicue Shenzhen Headquarters: Innovation Hub
    Wicue Shenzhen headquarters is the core of our company, hosts departments including R&D, engineering, production, marketing and management.

    We have a production and assembly facility covering an area of ​​15,000 square meters in Longgang, Shenzhen, with 5 modern roll-to-roll liquid crystal film production lines. All of which have been put into mass production.

    In addition, we have set up a high-tech office space of 1,500 square meters for R&D and global marketing management.
    Wicue Shenzhen Headquarters: Innovation Hub
  • Wicue Zhejiang: The Gigafactory
    Zhejiang Wicue Optoelectronics, established in 2020, is located in Pinghu, Zhejiang.

    It is the world's leading industrial base for flexible liquid crystal display materials. Covering an area of ​​10 acres. It has a multi-level dust-free workshop and a newly purchased flexible LCD production line.

    With an annual output of 800,000 pieces of flexible stepless dimming liquid crystal film, it's revenue reaches 100 million RMB per year. As the market demand climbs, it is expected to reach an annual revenue of 5 billion RMB in the future.
    Wicue Zhejiang: The Gigafactory
  • Wicue Japan: Precision and Excellence
    Wicue's Hiroshima plant in Japan is a beacon of our relentless pursuit of world-class display technology.

    Home to the globe's inaugural flexible LCD film production line. It manifests our technical prowess and innovative spirit.

    A bold investment of over 500 million RMB showcases our fervor to keep revolutionizing and leading the LCD sector.
    Wicue Japan: Precision and Excellence
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