Intelligent Stepless Dimming LC Film for Automotive Switchable Glazing Glass

Wicue low haze (WLH) can do continuously dimming thanks to many years of internal R&D. Wicue stepless dimming flexible liquid crystal automobile film provides following:

1. Stepless dimming;
2. Almost zero haze;
3. Large dynamic transmissive range;
4. Low AC driving voltage, lower than 30V;
5. No color shift: always neutral gray;
6. Fast switching: 0.1 seconds;
7. Reliable to all weather;
8. Can be laminated into two curved glasses.

Ultra low power consumption: Smart Shading uses ultra low power consumption of less than 1 Watt / sqm    competitors systems use up to 10x power

Ultra fast: less than 100 millisecond transition times from non-activated to the activated state    competitors have much slower transitioning times from 2 seconds up to minutes (!)

Standard vehicle infrastructure: Operates at less than 30 Vpp / 40Hz standard vehicle on-board power infrastructure    competitors often require complicated 110V converters for operation

Wicue Strengths

1、Wicue has one full automatic LC film mass production line, possibly the only one in the whole world.
2、Wicue team has film LCD scientist and experts team from Japan, Taiwan Kaohsiung, China and Germany.
3、Wicue has developed a full production process for LC switchable window with glass lamination process.
4、after-market automotive window available based on reliable Wicue LC glass window.
5、Wicue LC glass window:
           (1) No color shift.
           (2) Fast switching.
           (3) Can laminate Wicue LC film either naked on glass or between two glasses
           (4) Automotive weather proof reliable.
           (5) Can block heat and tune sun light for better vision.
           (6) Low cost production.

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