Established in March 2014 and headquartered in Longgang District of Shenzhen, Wicue is a group company focusing on research and development and production of flexible liquid crystal film and their applications. We have now grown into a group company owning five facilities, namely Wicue Shenzhen Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., Wicue Zhuhai Technology Co., Ltd., Wicue Taiwan LCD R&D Center, Wicue Shenzhen Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., and Wicue Japan. Our company has been devoted to the development and production of high-brightness liquid crystal film writing board, flexible liquid crystal film with intelligent stepless dimming for glass window, intelligent stepless auto-dimming glasses, snow goggles, helmet, etc.
is the world's first producer of high-brightness large-sized LCD blackboard. Users can write on the product without pen or electricity, thus thoroughly removing dust and protecting our eyes. The handwriting thereon is of high brightness, and can be erased globally or locally by one touch or transmitted or saved intelligently. The product is a perfect alternative to the traditional chalkboards and whiteboard. Wicue intelligent LCD writing board has its complete independent intellectual property with its independent patent. We have applied for more than 100 domestic and international patents for the product accumulatively, and have independently developed the automatic roll-to-roll production line of wide liquid crystal film featuring low cost and high yield.
Become a high-tech enterprise with
profound humanistic feelings.
On the basis of deep attention to society and humanities, combined with its own top science and technology, integrated into product development and
design, and constantly create the right quality products and solutions for the society, leading and driving the development of LCD tablet industry, becoming
the industry standard setter. .
Wicue purpose
Meet customer needs, focus on  corporate social responsibility while creating profits for the company
Wicue concept
Create products with care, the more people serve, the greater the value of the company
Wicue values
Honesty, diligence, equality, due diligence, cooperation
Wicue talent concept
Is the company's most valuable resource
Based on morality, both ability and political integrity
Knowing people's good responsibilities, empowering people, attacking and accepting
Respect talents, care for talents, and care for talents
Wicue mission
Create core competitiveness, lead the industry
Wicue vision
Based on the local, look at the world; from China, shine the world
Wicue basketball
Team, passion, hard work, beyond
Wicue management
Modernization, specialization, efficiency, scientific, democratization, and informationization
Wicue employees
Business development achievement self family happiness life


Shenzhen Wicue registered. Wicue was supported with first round angel funding.


In October 2015, it won the first prize of 2015 China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and was funded by Shenzhen municipal government.


Based on the flexible liquid crystal film, the first generation of liquid crystal blackboard was in mass production. Wicue started to develop the technology of dimming liquid crystal film.


Wicue stepless dimming glasses was in mass production, stepless dimming automotive glass began to mass production, entered the automotive glass market. Zhuhai Weiku technology officially established


Weiku LCD handwritten tablet enters Xiaomi ecological chain, and handwritten tablet project occupies a leading position in the industry


In March, Tongchuang Weiye, Chuangdang and Qingyuan invested tens of millions of yuan


In June, the 200 million yuan round B financing led by Walden Capital was completed