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  • Sales manager
Job description:
1. Responsible for the development and sales of our electronically controlled smart dimming glasses and dimming film product channels
2. Familiar with the upstream and channels of the eyewear industry, with certain factory resources or customer resources
3. Have experience in cycling, driving equipment, sports equipment industry. Those with excellent past performance can also post
4. Being upright and down-to-earth, with strong business development and business communication capabilities
5. Daily sales customer communication, contract orders follow-up. Collaboration of various departments within the company. Achieve monthly and annual sales goals.
  • Senior Engineer of Coating Process
Job description:
1. Research on the principles and key technologies of various coating methods, such as tension extrusion coating, micro concave coating, multi-layer coating, oven nozzle design, etc., analyze its advantages and disadvantages and application feasibility
2. According to the requirements, develop suitable advanced and efficient coating methods and process technologies, and guide the equipment development direction
3. Study the heat and mass transfer mechanism of various drying methods in the drying process;
4. Develop suitable advanced and efficient drying methods and process technologies, and guide equipment development direction
5. Research the mechanism of coating drying defects, such as bubbles/pits/stripes coating wrinkles, provide solutions for the improvement of mass production problems
6. Responsible for writing tutorials, training engineers of relevant departments, writing process manuals, technology patents, project technical reports
7. Write technical patents, project technical reports, scientific articles, and technical data
8. Write process manuals and training courses to train relevant engineering and technical personnel.
  • LCD process engineer
Job description:

1. Familiar with LCD basic knowledge and display principle Line break; 2. Familiar with the full set of production process of LCD products, those who are familiar with R&D to full set of process are preferred;
3. Understand the operation of some LCD production equipment;
4. Understand the performance of various main materials of monochrome LCD, such as: liquid crystal, polarizer, etc.; experience in the supply chain of monochrome LCD raw materials is preferred;      

  • Captainer
Job description:
1. According to the production situation, direct and coordinate the work of the team and employees, track and check the progress of each process to ensure the smooth progress of production;
2. In case of abnormal situation such as production and equipment, report to the superior supervisor in time and notify relevant departments to deal with it in time;
3. Responsible for the work of the team, check the implementation of process discipline, supervise and assist the staff on duty to do on-site cleaning and spot check work.
  • E-commerce customer service
Job description:
1. Take the realization of sales goals as the first criterion, use simple and effective methods to obtain customer contact information, and enthusiastically follow up to achieve the deal. Continuously improve sales skills and professional knowledge, familiarize with and master store product information, understand customer needs, master communication skills, correctly explain and vividly describe product features and advantages, actively guide customer consumption, and continue to increase customer unit prices on this basis.
2. Respond accurately, concisely, efficiently and friendly to various questions raised by customers during purchase, and establish a professional, responsible and trustworthy store image among the customer base with each intimate and considerate service.
3. If you encounter bad temper during the reception and the client cannot communicate smoothly, you can call on a colleague or superior supervisor if necessary, and you can't play temper with the client.
4. Promptly and correctly complete the remarks after the customer places the order and payment, confirm with the customer before shipment, confirm the color, quantity, type, etc. of the customer's order, and can follow the order at *** time Goods, to avoid sending wrong goods.
5. When inquiring when there is no customer, you should browse the familiar store merchandise, complete and feed back the tasks explained by the superior in time.
6. Receiving and handling your customers' after-sales issues (logistics issues, product issues, service issues and other after-sales issues) in a timely manner to recover refunds; timely feedback and processing issues related to damage issues, if you need a refund, you need to check carefully and feedback to the store Long, the store manager operates the background refund.
  • sales engineer
Job description:
1. Responsible for the development and sales of our large-size LCD blackboard and LCD tablet product channel;
2. Familiar with office supplies, office equipment industry and sales channels, have a certain network and customer resources;
3. Be upright, down-to-earth and rigorous. Have strong business development and business communication skills;
4. Daily sales customer communication, contract, order follow-up. Communicate and collaborate with various departments within the company to reach monthly and annual sales goals;
5. Have experience in online education institutions, toys and gifts surrounding industries. Those with excellent past performance can also deliver.
  • E-commerce operations specialist
Taobao shop operation recruit one, Pinduoduo + Suning recruit one
Job description:
1. Responsible for company store operation
2. Responsible for statistics and analysis of store data, through various types of data analysis results, maintain product search rankings, increase the exposure rate, refer to the analysis results, and set promotional plans according to user preferences to complete sales goals.
3. Responsible for continuously improving store user experience, as the mission of improving customer praise rate and conversion rate.
4. Plan the store daily, 618, Double 11 and other major promotion activities and supervise the implementation.
5. Analyze industry dynamics and analyze competitors' store operations.
6. Responsible for the maintenance and management of member marketing.
7. Record all kinds of store data every day, find and analyze abnormal data as soon as possible.
8. According to the company's overall plan, according to industry dynamics, combined with store product sales, implement dynamic adjustment of store products and price management.
9. Maintain the dynamic rating of the store on the platform so that the store's various indicators are not lower than the industry level.
10. Check customer service chat records, key words, service attitudes, and inquiries, etc., communicate in a timely manner, and correct problems.
11. Coordinate and handle major after-sales affairs, including major customer complaints.
12. Develop a risk management operation plan to ensure that the store submits a rationalization plan to the company during the operation plan control and promotes its implementation.
13. Docking the second element of the platform well, do a good job of docking various tasks, and build a good cooperative relationship. The