Wicue intelligent automatic dimming color sunglasses
The darkness of the lens can be automatically adjusted according to the light intensity of the use environment.
It takes only 0.5S for the lens to change color from its brightest state to its darkest state.
Lens material has anti - ultraviolet function, can filter ultraviolet ray greatly.Protect the user's eyes.
The polarizer is involved in the manufacture of the lens, so the product also has the function of general polarizing glasses
The background color of the lens is grayish brown, which can avoid the lens with color (such as red, blue and green) to a certain extent, leading to vision discoloration.
Smart light-switchable helmet
Intelligent light sensitive to change color within 0.1 second.
Wicue Smart Liquid Crystal Dimming Films
Widely applied in sunglasses, goggles, helmets, automotive glass and building glass.
Small-size flexible dimming films
Applications: Sunglasses, Goggles, helmets.  
Target Users:drivers, soldiers, athletes, Myopic crowd etc.
Large-size flexible dimming films
Applications: automotive glass , architectural glass,etc.
Size: ≤600mm*600mm
Wicue LCD film board
Wicue liquid crystal film handwriting board does not need ink, retains the original trace, has high contrast, and the handwriting is very clear, which can be seen 30 meters away.
No electricity is needed for writing. It is driven by button battery with low power consumption, no radiation, high flexibility and green eye protection.
With one key full screen or partial erasure, instant storage, synchronous transmission and other functions, we have made the world's first large-scale LCD blackboard.