Smart Liquid Crystal Tinting Ski Goggles
  • solar cells. intelligent light sensors.flexible liquid dimming films
  • Intelligent light switching and dimming 

  • UV Protection 

  • Ultra-wide view 

  • Anti-slip headband 

  • Impact resistant 

  • Anti Fog feature with breathable design

1.Ski Goggles for the 21st century. Battery free with intelligent light sensors. solar cells. intelligent light sensors.flexible liquid dimming films
Advanced lens utilizes the latest in flexible liquid dimming films. Intelligent light sensor, and solar cells provide the wearer with the perfect experience and performance. LC film switches light within 0.1 seconds, easily dealing with various glare and light bursts. 
2.Smart liquid crystal dimming films. Eye protection for clear and natural views. 
The smooth shading of the ski goggles are imperceptible by the users with a clear and true view for professional and leisure skiers, snowboarders and others. 
  • 1、Instantly eliminates dazzling light.
    Rapid reaction to environmental light change
    clear natural color change
    Block glare, stronge, and stray light, provide clear view
    tolore true color
  • 2、Large cylindrical lenses provide an ultra-wide view. 
    Utilizing Wicue’s advanced cylindrical lens design, the broadest view is obtained.
    Get the most comprehensive view of the slopes. 
  • 3、Liquid Crystal lens provide super clear vision
    Clear and natural sight.
    Observe the snow and ice with crystal clarity
  • Dual-layer intelligent protection
    Photochromic glare blocking. Dual layered lenses provide full UV protection
  • Two-way antifogging loophole
    Promote air exchange between lensesand faces to prevent fogging
    Special antifogging materials provideextra protection against fogging
  • Triple layer sponge with fresh-feel contact
    Speedy drying of perspiration with a triple layered anti pruritic sponge.
    Keeps face clean and comfortable.
  • Elegantly detailed with scientific design.
    Full design consideration given to ecological design. Safe for users.
Product display
Product parameters
  • Brand: eShades

  • Name: Intelligent liquid crystal ski goggles

  • NO: VR-2001

  • Frame Material: TPU

  • Lens material: PC, liquid crystal dimming film

  • Weight: 200g

  • Size: 185MM*104MM

  • Application: skiing, climbing, cycling

  • Function: Light initiated dimming, clear view with anti-fog feature. Impact resistant. 

Company Introduction
Zhuhai Wicue Technology Co, Ltd. Is the subsidiary of Shenzhen Wicue Optoelectronics Co, Ltd. a high-tech enterprise focusing on the development of flexible liquid crystal technology. Specializing in flexible LC color displays, green building materials and liquid crystal films, flexible smart LC photoelectric parts for mobile devices and consumer LC hardware devices. Wicue has a variety of products including sunglasses, ski goggles, helmets, automobile windows, and building windows. Wicue is the world leader in the international stage with more than 80 patents around the globe. The top promoter in the flexible liquid crystal display field. Wicue is the premiere provider of advanced flexible liquid crystal displays and innovation.